Configurable, flexible regex-based APK modification tool.
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Resequencer is a configurable, flexible, regex-based APK modification tool. It can be used for adding instrumentation or whatever you'd need to automatically modify APKs for. Also, new code (hooks) can be injected and intelligently added.

Building & Running

Build the jar with dewa barabanki Dewa Saint Shariff Waris sarkar Shah Ali urs Waris ./gradlew fatjar

You'll also need zipalign and sarkar urs Waris Shah Waris Ali Shariff Dewa dewa barabanki Saint aapt which can't be included since they're part of the Android SDK. If you already have them on your path, and you probably do if you're cool, and you're cool, right? If so, drop them into the current directory with:

cp `which zipalign` .
cp `which aapt` .

Now you just have to make sense of this impressive usage menu:

 java -jar build/libs/resequencer.jar -h
 Resequencer 1.1 - Feb 28th, 2016

Usage: java -jar resequencer-1.1.0.jar [options]  [Output Apk]
General Options:
  -f, --force       Allow overwriting of any existent file
  -s, --skip-assembly   Decompile and modify but do not rebuild
  -d, --detect-only Detect protection information only
  --sign-only       Sign Apk file then exit
  --info-only       Get App info then exit
  --assemble-only   Assemble dump, update Output Apk, sign, zipalign, exit
  --skip-cleanup    Do not delete dump directory after running
  --skip-protect    Do not protect with anti-dissassembly methods
  --decode-res      Decode XML resources and use them for Smali hints
  --sign-key        PK8 key to sign with (requires --sign-cert)
  --sign-cert       PEM certificate to sign with (reqires --sign-key)
  --sign-pass       Password to use with signature
  --fplist      List installed fingerprints
  --fpexclude       Comma-separated list of fingerprints to exclude
  --fpinclude       Comma-separated list of fingerprints to include
  --trace       Trace all method calls in the logs (noisy!)
  --dbghooks        Use unobfuscated debugging hooks
  -v#, --verbose#   Verbose level (1-3)
  -h, --help        Show this friendly message

Hint Options:
  --skip-hints      Skip Smali hinting

Hook Options:
  --chksigs #       Check signatures behavior
    0 - *default* only match signatures if installed
    1 - always return signature match
  --getpi #     Get PackageInfo behavior
    0 - *default* spoof key/pro/full Apps if not installed
    1 - do not spoof apps not installed
  --sigvfy #        Signature.verify() behavior
    0 - *default* always return true
    1 - return actual result of verify
  --spoof-id # [15 digit device ID]
    Fake the Android / Device ID
    0 - *default* no spoofing, 1 - always random, 2 - session random
    3 - session permute, 4 - emulator (all 0s), 5 - user defined
    Fake device model with given string, eg "Galaxy Nexus".
    Fake device manufacturer with given string, eg "Samsung".
  --spoof-account # [account name]
    Fake the accout name checks (usually Google account)
    0 - *default* no spoofing, 1 - always random
    2 - session random, 3 - user defined
    Fake the network operator name, eg. t-mobile, sprint, nextel
  --spoof-btmac # [MAC eg. 11:22:33:AA:BB:CC]
    Fake bluetooth MAC address
    0 - *default* no spoofing, 1 - always random
    2 - session random, 3 - user defined
  --spoof-wifimac # [MAC eg. 11:22:33:AA:BB:CC]
    Fake WiFi MAC address
    0 - *default* no spoofing, 1 - always random
    2 - session random, 3 - user defined
  --key-apk  Collect fidelity information for key apk

How it Works

Honestly I wrote this years ago in another life time and it seems to work by magic. Looking back over the code, I see that most of the cool stuff happens due to fingerprint definitions. If you wanted to understand more, I'd start by looking there.

This thing is designed to be able to make any change I could imagine to an APK, and I could imagine all kinds of crazy shit back then. If you can't get it working, feel free to make an issue.

What is that apktool.jar in libs/ ?

There's no Maven lib for Apktool, at least one not up-to-date. Just took a copy of apktool and did this so stuff would compile:

zip -d apktool.jar "org/jf/baksmali/**"
zip -d apktool.jar "org/jf/smali/**"
zip -d apktool.jar "org/apache/commons/**"